Do you offer a military discount?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount off in-stock items to our active duty and retired military service members. Thank you for your service.

Can I wait on my vehicle while it is being worked on?

Unfortunately, we do not have a waiting area for our customers. We would like to offer this convenience but, due to the fact that we operate within a Naval air restricted area, we must refrain from doing so. There are restaurants and the Lynnhaven Mall within a few miles of our location.

What if I want tech support from Virginia Speed, Inc.?

Tech support is available, but it is not free. If you would like to request one of our experts to look over your vehicle with advice and recommendations, an appointment must be made. Appointments can be made by calling (757) 468-5101.

What do I need to know before bringing my nitrous bottle for a re-fill at Virginia Speed, Inc.?

Virginia Speed, Inc. will fill Nitrous bottles that are within the required 5 year certification. You can identify your bottles certification month and year on the top collar of the nitrous bottle. An example is 07@12, this identifies that bottle has been certified on July of 2012 and it will expire in 5 years from that date. If your bottle meets the 5 year certification, bring it in and we will fill it! If the bottle does not meet the required 5 year date, we have local businesses that will re-certify your bottle for a small fee.

How do I request vendor sponsorship for events?

Virginia Speed, Inc. is here to support all race enthusiasts. We request that all event coordinators submit their request for sponsorship at the very beginning of the year. All requests must be submitted via email Please submit the event flyer with your submission.



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