Custom Camshafts & Valvetrain Engineering

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Virginia Speed has over 100 combined years experience designing custom camshaft and valvetrain systems.

Virginia Speed utilizes 4Stroke Software by Blair & Associates to design custom camshafts for simple industrial engines to complex race engines.

Reverse engineering capabilities using precision camshaft measuring equipment.

Virginia Speed offers a complete line of supercharger & turbocharger camshafts for LS based applications.

Camshaft & valvetrain design engineering offered for road racing, drag, marine & off-road applications.

Custom Camshaft design available for most applications.

Photo Courtesy of Dragzine

Photo Courtesy of Dragzine

To provide our customers with custom camshafts and valvetrain options, we ask that all customers fill out our custom camshaft form. Custom Cam Form

The graph represents a stock 2006 Chevy Corvette Z06 with a very mild custom camshaft with preventative maintenance to the heads.

End result was 50rwhp gain and a 40rwtq gain.

Bone Stock 2006 Z06